Welcome, To MW World

We are going to introduce you to our autonomous roboboat vehicle


About Us

MW project was founded in 2019 by a team of engineering students in MTC. Throughout the years, members may have changed but our determination to improve MW is everlasting. We are striving to push the physical and conceptual bounds of our autonomous vehicle by developing all aspects of the system, including navigation, computer vision, mechanical design and more !

Boat Specs

Mechanical Properties

- Weight: (40-45) kg

- LOA: 108cm

- BOA: 83cm

- Height: 60cm

- Draft: 20cm

- Material for hulls and cover: fiberglass

Electrical Components

- Sensors used: LIDAR, Camera, RTK GPS ,Vector Nav

- Computer: NUC 8i7BEH


We used LABVIEW, ROS, Python, C++, OpenCV to implement our own carefully desgined algorithms.